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If you are among the five current or former PhDs selected to participate in the competition, you will receive a specially designed course to ensure that you can really get your research across to both panel and audience. You will get sparring on your presentation skills, both in terms of building and using props, as well as professional coaching on how to present well on stage. So, by the time you finally go on stage on March 1, you will be in a much better position to clearly communicate your research so that everyone will be able to understand its value.    



The live show itself guarantees that you and your research will make an impact far beyond academia. You will also receive feedback on your presentation from the panel of judges, all of whom exceptionally talented communicators within their own fields



Finally, of course, the opportunity to win the main prize of DKK 25,000.


To enter the competition, send the following to

  • Short pitch about your research (No more than two A4 pages) 

  • A short video presentation in which you introduce yourself (No more than two minutes long) 

  • Resume with contact information 

  • A resembling portrait photo (for use on the website and marketing) 

  • PhD contract (for current PhD students) 

  • PhD thesis (if submitted within the last two years) 

  • Your PhD supervisors name and contact information 

Bliv påmindet når tilmeldingen åbner:

Thank you for your message. We will return as soon as possible.


A group of communication professionals, journalists and researchers will read and assess all entries before picking the five best applicants who will then be invited to take part in the big live show.    

 The show will be held in Katuaq on March 1, 2023, and broadcast live on KNR TV. 
Your pitch and video will decide if you are selected for the live show. The committee will select the five finalists based on the following criteria:  

The research must be communicated well, meaning that 

  • The pitch must be based on the (possible) conclusion and the good story  

  • The pitch can include aspects of the research and process

  • Your presentation must address a wide audience  

  • Your main points must be clearly highlighted 

  • The research must present new knowledge that provides a basis for development in a broad social, economic and/or cultural sense

  • The research must show perspective  

  • The research can be part of an ongoing debate  

  • The communication shows the social relevance of the research 

The research must strive to convey a societal perspective


Whether you choose to do it in Greenlandic, Danish or English is entirely up to you – this applies both to registering and in case you are selected to perform in the live show.


The live show in Katuaq will be interpreted simultaneously, so that both the audience in the hall and those watching at home can follow along in their preferred language.


The panel will consist of judges who together cover the three linguistic competences. 


If you have any questions about the competition, send us an e-mail

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